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FAW Car Co., Ltd. BESTUNE T77 Dash Board Welding Assembly Workstation


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Workpiece assembly diagram

Number of workstation robots: 21
Production capacity: 120,000 units
Number of solder joints: 526
Summary shoot: 172S/car


D077 front fence production line is a fully automatic welding production line for the design, production and debugging of the front apron assembly of the key main model Besturn T77 listed by FAW Car Co., Ltd. in 19 years. D077 front assembly automatic welding production line, a large number of robots instead of manual labor, to achieve automatic transmission and automatic welding of 34 kinds of workpieces. The process flow of the front assembly includes spot welding, convex welding, stud welding, gluing, handling, arc welding, etc., all of which are automated, and the automation rate of the entire production line reaches about 90%.



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